Case Intake

A Vidocq Society investigation can begin only after we are contacted by a family member or law enforcement agency asking us to review an unsolved cold case. A family member making a request must have standing in the case. In all cases the investigating law enforcement agency must welcome our help.

For The Vidocq Society to consider an unsolved death or homicide case, our by-laws require that:

  • the death must have occurred at least two years prior;
  • the victim cannot have been engaged in dangerous or illicit activity of any kind;
  • if presented to a meeting by law enforcement or an investigator with standing in the matter no family members may be present; and
  • We will not provide updates or other information to the family.

If a case were adopted by the Society we would not submit progress or other reports to the family. Any information release would be determined by law enforcement and disseminated by them.

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